Rindge, New Hampshire

I enjoy recommending acupuncture to my most skeptical friends—the ones who “don’t believe” in natural healing yet are, at the same time, totally frustrated with traditional medicine and treating symptoms with drugs that either haven’t worked or have just masked symptoms but not healed them. I started going for treatments after this happened to a friend of mine who had debilitating back pain that didn’t respond to any medication. He went to an acupuncturist as a last resort, and he is now spreading the news of his surprised and pleasant relief.

The way I like to think of it, acupuncture encourages my body’s own healing ability. It does this by opening up or stimulating blocked channels of energy, so the energy can move away from where it has been blocked and flow freely. I’m sure this does a lot more good than I know, but I believe that it helps my body respond in a healthier way, which lets it heal, which it naturally wants to do. The proof to me is in the immediate and also extended relief of symptoms that I might have, such as pain or stiffness. Sometimes I have a treatment for an emotional issue that might need relief of, say, sadness or anxiety.

I especially enjoy recommending Deb in particular, because the person who provides treatment is, to me, as important as the treatment itself—like choosing anyone whose relationship with you needs to feel right. Through talking, acupuncture, a warm table, soft music, and a final massage, Deb makes me feel well taken care of in a way that I do not experience with routine medical care. Those skeptical friends of mine—every one of them—have come back to me with a smile and a “Wow!” And usually, they go back on their own for more.

Even my 87-year-old mother, who doesn’t like to be touched and has a fear of needles, now asks me to schedule her for an acupuncture treatment with Deb when she’s planning a visit. If acupuncture can relieve some of my mother’s normal, age-related ailments, imagine what it can do for anyone. There’s more to it than you can imagine. And the needles, if that’s what you think you won’t be able to tolerate, are more like hairs that barely enter your skin. That’s the least thing to worry about. The biggest, and only, thing to worry about, in my opinion, is that you might not give yourself this amazing opportunity.


“I am very pleased with the acupuncture work of Deb Meuse. She is professional and positive. Her calm nature puts one at ease right away. Her powers of observation during a treatment have helped identify signs and symptoms that I was previously unaware of. Some of the more important areas of treatment for me have been chronic joint pain, anxiety and fatigue. Others include sinus, breathing and food sensitivity.

Prescribed Chinese herbal medicines have also been helpful as well as suggestions for vitamin supplements and wonderful books to learn more about understanding acupuncture, health and improved well-being.

My life has been enriched in numerous ways by walking into Deb’s office. I would encourage you to try one visit. After all, a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”

Frank, age 68

“Deb Meuse has been an agent of change for my life. I have been receiving treatments in acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine with Deb for the past ten years. My initial visit was for high blood pressure and cholesterol. An ‘A’ type personality was not helping the situation. Focused aggression had always been my method of ‘getting the job done’ whether at work, at home or in sports. By age 58 that method of living was taking a toll on my health. Deb offered an example of the movement of water; ‘Does the water try to blast a rock right out of the stream, or merely move around it?’ That simple image has had a profound effect on my thinking ever since. I knew that I had come to the right person.

Over the years I have also been treated for various strains, sprains and bruises as well as chronic joint pain. I take no pain medicine, only blood pressure medicine through my regular physician.

I am calmer, more balanced, happier and healthier for the experience of acupuncture with Deb. At age 68 I now feel rejuvenated and re-centered. It was well worth the investment.”

49 year old male

“I had been diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis approximately 5 years ago and tried the conventional methods for treatment. (Methotrexate) The side effects from the drug were just intolerable for me. I decided to try the Naturopathic process and found that it worked quite well but wasn’t 100% effective. I was told that Acupuncture may be helpful. By this time the pain in my neck was keeping me awake all night. I made an appointment with Deb and believe it or not, the first treatment cured the problem by at least 80%. I was so amazed how well the acupuncture worked that I started seeing her once a week. My joint pain is almost gone. I would, and have, recommended her to many people.”


“Deborah Meuse has been treating me for rheumatoid arthritis. Her creative and knowledgeable use of acupuncture has eliminated the need for drugs which can cause damaging side effects. Without her insight and skill, I wouldn’t be able to have a normal life. Joint pain, fatigue and depression are some aspects of this auto-immune disease. Science doesn’t know what causes it and the treatments are harsh. My rheumatologist is amazed at the results of Deborah’s practice of this ancient method of healing.

I didn’t believe acupuncture could help me until this seemingly mysterious method gave me a chance to enjoy my life again.”

Woman, age 48

“I came to Deb suffering from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) as well as digestive issues that I’d been plagued with for years. With treatment and her Chinese herbal supplement suggestions my digestive system got stronger and stronger and I could eat more consistently and utilize the energy from the food more efficiently. I think that was the precursor to eventually overcoming most of my CFS symptoms, most notably a very weak immune system. I’m happy to say I no longer always get sick along with my children and I can stay up past 7pm even after a busy day!

Treatments with Deb are not only therapeutic for my body. Her ability to offer perspective and a positive outlook on my health never fail to lift my spirits.”

Woman, age 52

“I have been going to Deb Meuse for acupuncture for many years. Sometimes I see her when I feel that my “energy is off” and I want her to get things flowing again, so that I can function at my best. Other times I see her when I have a specific acute symptom, such as a sinus infection coming on. Generally if I don’t wait till things are bad, one treatment will do the trick. I am so appreciative of her tremendous skill and her great bedside manner. I wouldn’t see anyone else!”

Woman, age 63

“A few years ago I had terrible back pain and in spite of seeing many doctors the pain persisted. Fortunately a friend told me about Deb Meuse and Acupuncture. After just a couple of sessions with Deb I had less pain and after a few more session the pain was gone. Thank you Deb! I continued with my acupuncture sessions for help with hot flashes and tension release. Deb always listens to my complaints and then makes me feel better. I believe that more people would feel better if they tried acupuncture.”

Woman, age 71

“A session with Deb is an adventure in wellness. A highly skilled acupuncturist, she is gentle but precise in reading the pulses and aiming her tiny darts at trouble spots. She is also a natural therapist, trained by years of listening. You can tell her anything and she listens with empathy, intuitively sensing which pulses in the psyche are low, where the chi is blocked. She tunes you up, calms you down, and at the end of the session you leave with a light step, renewed hope, and a sparkle. Deb has dusted you with magic powder. She is the fairy godmother we all long for.”